Ask 100 different developers about what they find most exciting about android development and you will get as many different responses. Personally, I find the customization of the various framework and design libraries. Consider it as such if there is something that doesn’t fit your needs within the development process that as a developer we

Swift Has Tuple

Swift provides us with a type called Tuple which is used to group multiple values in a single compound value.
This is because it plays a significant role in choosing the right abstraction mechanism keeping both performance and modeling in mind.

View Binding w/Android

What is Android View Binding and How to simplify its delegation? View Binding was introduced at the Android Talk at Google IO/19.

Oh, I need A Splash Screen, Right?

If you have had any smart phone before the I am sure you have seen a splash screen before. If you have not then for your information a spalsh screen is a screen that displays when you first open an app on the device. Many developer may refers to this as a launch screen and

allowBackup: Android’s Attributes

Help the end user from losing their data