View Binding w/Android

What is Android View Binding and How to simplify its delegation? View Binding was introduced at the Android Talk at Google IO/19.

Oh, I need A Splash Screen, Right?

If you have had any smart phone before the I am sure you have seen a splash screen before. If you have not then for your information a spalsh screen is a screen that displays when you first open an app on the device. Many developer may refers to this as a launch screen and

allowBackup: Android’s Attributes

Help the end user from losing their data

Using View Binding w/Android

View Binding is one of the best features which provides the views to bind with the activity which is ongoing. Replacing the findViewById() method, hence reducing the boilerplate code, generated the instances of the views of the current layout. And most important feature about the View Binding is it’s always null safe. In this article detailed it’s been

Using WooCommerce in 2021

Getting WooCommerce ’21 Starting from scratch or upgrading your site to incorporate WooCommerce is no problem. From adding products and managing orders to offering coupons and creating reports, WooCommerce packs a lot of punch. There are plenty of exciting new WooCommerce plugins and extensions available to make your client’s online storefront attract and retain more
If you been around the block a few times with Android development you probably already know that there is an issue with Navigation. If you don’t trust me you will soon find out but don’t worry I am going to let you in on a little hint to overcome many of the challenges that arise