navigation drawer

Android Navigation Drawer

Hello programming world, today it looks like you are interested in trying to implement a navigational drawer within you application. Within this tutorial we are going to be focusing on drawer implementation with Kotlin but if you are interested in learning how in Java or Swift. NavigationDrawer or also known NavigationView which is a panel

Discovering C# with Console

“Hello World!” program in C#. This will get you familiar with the basic syntax and requirements of a C# program.
val vs var

Val vs Var

Will learn What is the actual difference between val and var.

Android w/ Fragments

A whole activity which we can see on our screen and if we only need to modify a small part, how we can do that with any modification in activity? So, we need a fragment.

Did Someone Say Reflection C#

Maybe you are new to the .Net lifestyle or maybe you are a veteran, either way, you ended up here to get a better understanding of what reflection is all about. To begin reflection is the process of describing various metadata of types, methods, and fields in code, that is literal Microsoft definition but no
Java vs Kotlin
If my math is not wrong Java has been around for over 20+ years now and has no intention of going away. It holds a supreme position in the list of most popular programming languages following the C and C++ =, setting the highest usability record with millions of developers and systems. Random Fact: James Gosling, Mike