Android, SQLite & Kotlin

The name of the database in Android is SQLite. SQLite is the name of the open-source sql database that stores the data in the text file in the device. Here, we will be review and explaining how to execute them with the Kotlin language.    Before diving into the implementation we are going to review
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When over Switch in Kotlin

Good afternoon Programming Community, I am glad to welcome you to another Kotlin edition. we will look upon the replacement of switch with the when keyword. Firstly, we will look on to some examples of switch and after that, we will look at how the when keyword makes our task or code easier and more understandable. So, let’s get started. Standard Conditional if

Identifiers & Keywords

Identifiers C# Identifiers are the name given to entities such as variables, methods, classes, etc. They are tokens in a program which uniquely identify an element. For example, From code above value is the variable which is why we call it the identifier. As you will find out later int is consider a “reserved” keyword
navigation drawer

Android Navigation Drawer

Hello programming world, today it looks like you are interested in trying to implement a navigational drawer within you application. Within this tutorial we are going to be focusing on drawer implementation with Kotlin but if you are interested in learning how in Java or Swift. NavigationDrawer or also known NavigationView which is a panel

Discovering C# with Console

“Hello World!” program in C#. This will get you familiar with the basic syntax and requirements of a C# program.
With Swift there are multiple ways to loop through a collection of "items"